Svelata la lista ai trofei di Homefront: The Revolution

A poco meno di due settimane al lancio del nuovo titolo, ecco svelata la lista dei trofei di Dambuster Studios, Homefront: The Revolution, apparsa in rete qualche ora fa. Ecco qui di seguito l’elenco completo che, oltre al classico titolo di platino, prevede 2 trofei d’Oro, 10 trofei d’Argento e 38 trofei di Bronzo.

Homefront The Revolution


  • Homefront: The Revolution – Complete all other trophies to unlock.


  • Professor Mayhem – Purchase 4 different active skills across any number of Resistance characters.
  • Home of the brave – Finish the single player campaign on Deathwish difficulty.


  • Flash ah aaaahhh! – Successfully resolve 20 Flashpoints.
  • Land of the free – Finish the single player campaign on any difficulty.
  • Practical Mayhem – Deploy an active skill in a mission, and have at least one other player use the results.
  • Guerrilla Master – Deploy every type of GTK item at least once.
  • Oh a piece of candy! – Distract 20 KPA from their guard posts in yellow zone without being detected.
  • Take me out – Perform 30 takedowns on KPA snipers.
  • The bigger they are… – Kill 20 heavies.
  • Adaptive warfare – Get a kill with every weapon and modification.
  • It’s a trap! – Kill 10 KPA using Resistance traps.
  • Star of the show – Remain in the searchlight of a KPA Airship for 2 minutes without dying.


  • #Winning – Earn a team citation.
  • Minuteman – Earn 10 mission citations.
  • Son of Liberty – Earn 20 individual citations.
  • Peace your pants – Successfully complete a Resistance Mode mission on hard difficulty.
  • Everyone fights, no one quits – Revive 10 downed teammates over any number of Resistance Mode missions.
  • Welcome to the Resistance – Join the Philadelphia resistance movement.
  • Red Dawn – Enter Elmtree Red Zone
  • Hit and run – Escape the ambush at Ned’s Armoury.
  • Peace in our time – Successfully complete a Resistance Mode mission on normal difficulty.
  • Heist of the century – Steal a Goliath from the Shipyard.
  • Peace of cake – Successfully complete a Resistance Mode mission on easy difficulty.
  • Declaration of Independence – Escape the trap at Independence Hall
  • Phased plasma rifle in 40 watt range – Upgrade a weapon to its maximum level.
  • We Can Be Heroes – Incite a revolution at City Hall.
  • Mayhem 101 – Purchase a skill.
  • First-Strike – Capture a Strike Point.
  • Danger Zone! – Create a character for Resistance Mode.
  • This is our town, Nork – Capture all Strike Points.
  • Silent but Deadly – Perform 5 takedowns in a row without being spotted by the KPA.
  • Dear diary… – Collect 10 journals.
  • Fyre Starter – Set a KPA on fire by shooting a gas vent.
  • Robin Hood – Kill a KPA soldier with a crossbow bolt from over 50 meters away.
  • Surprise! – Kill 20 KPA using proximity based GTK items.
  • Striking Back – Capture 30 Strike Points.
  • Part-timer – Complete 5 jobs.
  • There are many like it, but this one is mine – Convert a weapon.
  • Jobsworth – Complete all jobs.
  • Accessorize – Add an attachment to a weapon.
  • Inside Job – Infiltrate a KPA Stronghold and deactivate the valve without being detected.
  • Fighting fire with fire – Kill 100 KPA using hacked drones.
  • Conqueror – Capture all KPA Strongholds.
  • Gogigui – Kill 5 or more KPA with a single Molotov.
  • Riding High – Drive the motorbike 60 meters above sea level.
  • King David – Destroy a Goliath.
  • Can’t stop the signal – Activate 20 HAM radios.
  • Micro Machine – Destroy an armoured car with an RC car bomb.
  • Cooking up a storm – Manufature a GTK item.
  • E Pluribus Unum – Earn 20 team citations.

Ricordiamo che Homefront: The Revolution sarà disponibile per Xbox One, PlayStation 4 e PC. Punterete dunque al Platino? Di certo richiederà tutto il vostro impegno! Continuate a seguire noi di Game Legends per tutte le future informazioni sul titolo.

Mariano "xTheDeathx" Bonaccorsi
Avvicinatosi al mondo videoludico tenendo in mano la sua prima console, una PSP Slim & Light, xTheDeathx inizia la sua vera avventura solo nel 2011 su PlayStation 3 e come cacciatore accanito di trofei. Riempita la sua bacheca di Platini, continua la sua avventura anche su PC sotto il nick di WhiteBlackDeath, tra un pad e una tastiera in compagnia di amici e tanto sano divertimento.


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