La nuova patch 3.4 di Final Fantasy XIV sarà ricca di novità!

La nuova patch 3.4, Soul Surrender, di Final Fantasy XIV è pronta ad essere rilasciata e il conto alla rovescia è iniziato! Scopriamo però insieme quali importanti novità introdurrà il prossimo aggiornamento tanto atteso: qui di seguito troverete tutte le noti ufficiali di rilascio (in lingua originale).


  • Saint Endalim’s Scholasticate
    • Great change is sweeping through Ishgard, yet unknown forces would fan the lingering flames of discord between lowborn and highborn. To make matters worse, a student of the seminary is now missing, along with a volume of the Articles of Halonic Polity. Tensions are at an all time high, and it’s up to Briardien and the Warrior of Light to uncover the truth and restore order to the scholasticate.
  • Further Hildibrand Adventures
    • What strange twists and turns fate takes! For I, Hildibrand, agent of enquiry, inspector extraordinaire, now find myself father to Gigi, the loveable scamp who has yet to regain his missing memories. Regretfully, we have made no substantial progress of late, but perhaps an investigation into these rumors of criminals masquerading as famed knights will provide a welcome distraction. Aye, have no fear, fair maidens of Ishgard! Hildibrand Helidor Maximilian Manderville shall bring these rogues to justice!
  • Triple Triad Battlehall
    • Ready your decks and head down to the Gold Saucer’s new battlehall, made exclusively for Triple Triad. Accessed via the Duty Finder, now you can enjoy heated competitions with players the world over!
  • Lord of Verminion Comes to the Duty Finder
    • Challenging others to Lord of Verminion has never been easier. With a simple click of the Duty Finder, you can find yourself matched up with players no matter where you are!


  • Jumbo Cactpot
    • Now you can buy up to three weekly tickets for the Gold Saucer’s Jumbo Cactpot. Triple your chances and strike it rich!
  • Xelphatol
    • Forced to flee the Black Shroud for fear of the elementals and their boundless wrath, the Ixal settled the windswept mountains of Xelphatol more than five hundred and fifty years ago. Since that day, they have labored tirelessly to eke out an existence in these harsh and unforgiving lands, slowly but surely expanding their dominion over the entire region. Yet the Ixal have never forgotten that which was once denied them, and so they seek divine intervention once more─to summon Garuda and beseech her strike down their enemies. In the shadow of the First Mountain, the ritual nears completion, as a brave hero once more races against time to deliver the realm from destruction.
  • The Great Gubal Library (hard)
    • Though long since abandoned by its Sharlayan keepers, the Great Gubal Library does not want for visitants, its halls ever stirring with the voidsent guardians who walk its corridors. With danger at every turn, the fool who dares trespass here would find not wisdom but certain doom. Yet it was not long ago that an intrepid adventurer braved the deepest depths of this forbidding vault of knowledge, returning unscathed and wiser for the experience─a feat of daring that would be sung of the realm over. Mayhap that is why an anonymous individual would beseech that selfsame champion to return in search of long-forgotten knowledge. One can only hope this venture proves yet another enlightening lesson.

Final Fantasy XIV Soul Surrender (patch 3.4) sarà disponibile ufficialmente a partire dal prossimo 27 settembre, ma nei prossimi giorni potremmo ricevere nuove informazioni interessanti riguardo questa nuova patch.

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